Traveling With Toddlers Essentials

Every year in the fall, my husband, son and I go on a mini family vacation. This really started with my husband and I’s honeymoon and anniversaries through the years, but now with a little one, it has turned into our yearly family vacation. Now, we don’t go on mini trips, as I said we take one family vacation yearly, and then any trips I might go on with my mom and step dad, but what travels I have gone on, I have come up with a list of all my essentials that have made traveling with a little one a lot easier.


Obviously you need luggage of some sort when it comes to traveling. I absolutely hate having a lot of bags to take with us and having bulky luggage as well. Now, I am guilty of over-packing. I pack as if we’re going to be gone for weeks, but that’s probably because I do all the packing so I don’t know exactly what everyone is going to want to wear, so a lot of choices go into the bags.

In the past we have done that 10 bags, basically a bag for EVERYTHING. You would think we were moving out. But I have now narrowed it down to:

1 big suitcase for me and my husband.

1 small suitcase for my son

1 small tote for diapers and wipes

1 small bag for toiletries

For my son I have found the PERFECT bag combo that has worked really well for us and his items.

It comes in one size, but it is the perfect size for little one’s clothes, plus it comes with a small bag that you can fit diapers and wipes in. Or if you’re out of the diaper phase, you can use it as your toiletries bag. This suitcase comes in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from many different solid colors to animal prints, you’re bound to find one you love! I will be writing a post of what I pack in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

Sound Machine

This one is a must for us, traveling or at home. From the day we brought my son home, we have used the white noise sound to get him to sleep and stay asleep. And the great thing is how small and portable it is. Staying somewhere new always makes it harder to get your little ones to sleep, unless you’re used to traveling regularly….or just have a great sleeper.

I have found that taking the sound machine with us helps with getting him to sleep in a new environment as the sound is familiar to being at home. This sound machine comes with 7 different sounds, you can adjust the volume, set a time, as well as having a port for charging your phone. (One less item to have to remember to pack and bring back home, a plus in my opinion)

Portable DVD Player + Mount

This is my newest addition to my must have list. We do all of our traveling by car so having movies to watch is important to making it smooth and melt down free. A Portable DVD player is the perfect travel addition. Just bring your child’s favorite movies, or shows, (you know the ones that they want to watch over and over, bring those.) and you’ll not only have a quiet trip, but they’ll enjoy it too.

The most important part of bringing a Portable DVD Player would be the mount to hold it up with in the car. I personally don’t want my son holding the DVD Player while we drive, as I know it’ll either be thrown down, fall, and just break in general. Nor do I want to hold it the whole ride. I have found this mount that works perfectly for this DVD Player style. It keeps everything hands free and perfect eye level for watching.

Portable Crib

This is a staple for staying in a hotel, tent, home, etc. I like to take a portable crib with me not only to ensure there’s a safe place for my child to sleep, but it’s perfect for allowing them to play in a space you know they can’t get into anything or get hurt. This one specifically comes with a mattress to make it better for your child to sleep better and more comfortable. Other pack n plays have to buy a mattress separate, making the cost much more expensive for a temporary sleeping space.

These are my top 5 must haves when it comes to traveling with a baby/toddler. I hope these can come as some use to you and make your travels as easy as I have found mine to become.

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