Make Money Easy!

For two years now I have been using an app called Qapital to help me save money. I originally got this app for the purpose of putting money aside for a year that way, come my and my husband’s anniversary, we would have money that we could use to spend on our yearly trip.

I do have a savings account, but what I like about this app is that it restricts me from easily spending the money I am trying to save. Yes, you can switch the money from the app back to your account at any time, but since it is separate, I don’t see it directly from my bank account, therefore it’s an extra step I would have to take to move it over, vs just taking the money from the account.

However, since having this account, I have completely missed on the offer that has been right in front of my face the whole time. Their every day referral program allows for you to refer someone with your code and once they make a deposit to their account, you and the person you referred get’s $20!

Customize Your Rules

When you first sign up for Qapital, you link your bank information for the account you want to money switched over to. Then you can set up what you want to save the money for. Mine is always set for Beach Trip because that’s what I use the extra money for, but you can choose whatever you want.

Next you set up how you want your money taken out. There are many options to choose from and you can control how much money you want taken each time. You can stop all of these options at any time. Plus, not to worry, if your bank account gets low, Qapital will stop withdrawing from your account, but again, all savings withdrawals can be stopped whenever you wish.

Every Day Referral Program

The Qapital everyday referral bonus program (the “Everyday Referral Bonus”) offers a cash bonus to Qapital users referring first-time Qapital accountholders (each such first-time accountholder a “Referred User”) and each Referred User. The Everyday Referral Bonus amount will be determined from time to time and disclosed in the mobile app. The Referral Bonus will appear in the form of a deposit in your Qapital account.

For more information you can CLICK HERE for all rules and conditions.

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