The Greatest Keepsake

I had recently read a post on pinterest about when your child is born or still little, reserve a email account for them. Throughout the years, you can send them pictures, notes and stories about their childhood.

You can share their greatest achievements and share it in an email to them, sort of like what you would do in a baby book, but you have much more room to go into detail. The point of this would be, once they turn 18, you can give them the password to this account and they can go through and read and see all the things you sent to them as they grew up.

You could write something to them each day, or save special notes for certain occasions, it’s really up to you. I wish I had seen this when my son was first born, but I have decided to still get started on this as he is still only 2 years old.

The point of this post is really to give you an extra idea to preserve the memories of you child in an exciting way for them and for you. When they turn 18, you and your child can look back on the memories together and remember one’s that you may have forgotten about.

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