A Letter To Joshua

Hey Baby Boy,

I wonder now if you still let me call you baby boy, or if you correct me like you do now saying, “No I Joshua David!” Your current interest are Dinosaurs. You know the names of most of them and try to do all the sounds they make. You love Jurassic World, Toy Story and The Incredibles. 

You have a love for all things Car, Truck and Planes. (Helicopters and Dump Trucks are a big hit currently) Oh and I can’t forget Trains. You’re the pickiest eater and eat the same breakfast almost every day. (Muffins which you call Moo Moo’s, strawberries and eggs, which 90% of the time you ask for but never eat…unless they come from a breakfast taco.) 

I don’t think you have stayed in one place for more than 2 minutes since you were a newborn and even then you had me walking all over the house all day long. I don’t get many snuggles from you, but you make up for it when it comes time to go to sleep.

I love listening to your sweet voice and how funny you are. I feel like you get funnier every day with your newest phrases of “Come on DUDE!” and “Helloooooo!!” I love that you know you’re being funny and make yourself laugh along with every one else. You are so smart and sweet and have the BIGGEST love for all animals. You sympathize when you see anyone hurt or sad and get real quiet and sad for them. I have never seen that in such a young age.

I hope and pray you continue being your caring, smart, and silly self. I see such an amazing future for you.

I love you my sweet boy,


Your Mama

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