The Worst of The Worst

I know it has been quite a while since I did my other two posts on my managers from working at Dollar General. Before I get into the last manager, I will post the other two stories below:

After the second manager left from Dollar General, I was really nervous as to who the next manager was going to be. However, I didn’t think it could get worse than, T. I don’t remember the exact day I met the new manager, D. I do remember thinking she was nice and I already liked her much more than the others.

I was no longer considered the new employee as many people had left since T was working there. I knew my way around the store and did pretty well with my job there. We did have a couple new key holders, one of which I really didn’t like working with, W. She was a little older, but not elderly. She was slow about everything, stressed about everything, and in my opinion didn’t know what she was doing. Looking back now and knowing who she was working directly under, I can now understand how stressed she must have felt.

There was one key holder who I did like working with, C, but she didn’t last much longer after D came around. I remember the day she left she warned me over the phone, “If she asks you to be a key holder, do not accept it.” She had all kinds of claims about the new manager and at that moment, I agreed I wouldn’t. However, after a while, it was clear at the time that me and D got along really well and I soon was offered to be a key holder. I accepted, hesitantly.

I was actually glad I had accepted at first, it meant I didn’t have to work the register, spent more time on the floor doing resets and stocking the shelves which I was really good at. The only thing I didn’t like was constantly having to go to the register any time a non-key holder needed anything. The stress came once there was so much pressure to clear the back room. Which is totally understandable because you can’t make money if it’s all in the back. The stress was that I was the main person to clear the back because the others either really didn’t care or they were just that slow.

My manager was still appreciative of the work I did do and my hard work then wasn’t going unnoticed. Things started to change once I became the only person my manager liked. She would want to go to the movies with me, had me go the fiesta water parade with her once and then the main fiesta with her and her husband, dinner afterwards. She wanted me to go to her mother’s birthday party and then after someone in her family died, she wanted me to go to the funeral with her. She was constantly making remarks about how she wished she had another son so that I could marry him, and then wanted me to meet her nephew. The biggest red flag was when she said her husband was going to be away for a year and wanted me to live with her for that year.

Things went from weird to terrible once I started dating my, now, husband. He used to be the bread vendor at the store, so she knew him, but she didn’t like him at all. I don’t even think it was him personally that she didn’t like. She didn’t like any of the vendors and was always calling to complain about them, if they didn’t exactly what she wanted. She suddenly became power hungry and wanted everyone to do what she said, even if it went against the rules of the company.

Towards the end of me working at Dollar General, I had hurt my left arm. I had gone to the doctor because I couldn’t fully straighten it and was in a lot of pain. The X-Ray showed a fracture and when I showed her the X-Ray, that same day she had a line of product that needed to be stocked on the shelf, even though it was after the time of us being allowed to do stocking. (After 4:30 it’s just making sure the store is clean and in order for the next day) Well I had talked to the District Manager and he told me that I wasn’t even suppose to touch it and to leave it and just focus on the store. The next day was the same thing, along with write up’s for not doing the stocking. This continued every day, the write up’s. It didn’t matter what you did, how good the store looked, she would find a reason to write you up.

I went back to the doctor for my follow up appointment for my arm. I received a light duty form, stating that I couldn’t lift over 5 pounds. Rather than putting me on the night shift where there is no lifting, she only scheduled me for 4 hours that week. And when I said I wanted to use my vacation time to cover the hours I was going to be losing, she told me no.

So I quit. When I asked the district manager for the corporate number to call for my vacation hours I was owed, he constantly gave me the wrong phone number and the only way I was able to get it was one of times I called the wrong number, that number knew the Dollar General Corporate Number. However, they had prolonged giving me the phone number so long, by the time I got it, she had put in I was no longer rehire-able so they didn’t owe me my vacation time.

I started with being her favorite and since I would go on a date with her nephew, and rather started dating someone she didn’t like, she did everything she could to make my time working there miserable, even though I was the hardest worker she had and the only person who did any work in that store.

But at least I can say, the one good thing that came out of me working at Dollar General was getting to meet my husband and now having a 2 year old son with him.

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