Last Preparations

I am down to the day before we go on our beach trip together as a family. Thus far, I have packed our clothes and that is about it. I have a few minor (yet major) things I need to get done before we leave.

Since we are going to the beach, one thing I have been searching for, but have no managed to find is toys for the beach, mostly sand buckets and shovels to make sand castles. This is something that I wish I had thought about during the Summer time, but now that we are in Fall, it is very hard to find any sort of toy in stores. There are two last places I need to check out before I call it quits and spend the extra money in a souvenir shop at the beach. With luck, I’m hoping to find something at either Dollar General or Dollar Tree. If you know any place that might have something in store, please comment on this post with recommendations.

Another thing I need to get done is turn in all of our loose change we have. My husband always has change in his pockets when I go to do that laundry. That change goes into a bag and each anniversary we turn it in and use that as our spending money. This time, from my manual counting, we have saved $162 to go towards food and anything extra while we are gone. This is a great way to save money throughout the year and not have to take any extra from our bank accounts while on vacation.

Lastly, I need to get together all the odd ball items to pack. This meaning all toiletries, our tent for the beach, folding chairs and toys to have in the car and hotel for my son. All the last minute items that you have to rush to remember, since most of the items are being used on the day to day so you can’t pack ahead of time.

With that being said, I’m going to make a list of all the items I need to make sure we have packed. I also need to switch out car seats and clean out the car so we won’t feel so cluttered when we do make the drive to the beach.

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