We Bought A House

A couple months ago we started looking to buy a house. My husband had a friend from Bible Study who was a realtor and had talked to him about our interests and needs and asked if he could send us any houses that fit our price range. We weren’t in any hurry to buy a house, but we also didn’t want to renew another year on our lease.

For a while, we were sent houses, and none were any that peeked our interest to go look at. One day, however; while my husband was getting ready for work, I received an email with another list of houses. One in particular really caught our attention, I showed my husband the pictures and instantly, my husband got on the phone with the realtor to set up a time for us to go look. (Me actually, since I was the one to go look at it first while my husband was working.)

That day, I asked my mom to watch my son while I went to go run a quick errand. My mom is never one to really question why she needs to watch him, but of course, while trying to keep this a secret, she asked where I was going. I just told her that my husband needed me to go do something for him, as this isn’t something uncommon and it never gets questioned further. Luckily the house is about 10 minutes from my mom’s so it wasn’t going to be something that would take a long time.

I went to go look at the house and afterwards put in a hold (deposit? I’m not entirely sure the correct terms for the process) and then that evening, we put in a bid for the house. Now, we had always heard to put in a lower bid than what they’re asking to get a better price for the house. However, in this case, so many people had put in a bid for this house, we went a little over the asking price. That night my husband called and was saying how someone put in a higher bid than us, but the homeowners still chose our bid.

That started the whole process. Now, we filled out all the paperwork, gave our driver’s license, socials, income information, tax documents, etc. We had to take a first time home buyer’s course. But, our problems came in when it came to 2 vehicles under my husband’s name. 1 vehicle being my Mother in Law’s. It’s her car, she pays for it, but my husband is the primary name on it. We had to show proof that she was the one making the payments, but my husband is also on her bank account. So that was the first problem, mainly because she had no idea we were buying a house. Luckily, she had been having problems with the car after only owning it for less that a year. It was easy to convince her to just trade it in, but to get it only in her name. Done. Next, my husband had a van that he had purchased the year before that they wanted off his name. He wasn’t attached to it, and I was the primary driver of it, so we sold it to a dealership. Done. Now, the problem came in when we were getting close to the deadline of the house, and they were wanting the release of lien on the vehicles. Those had been requested already, but take about 2 weeks to come in, and we didn’t have 2 weeks to wait.

Finally, on the last day to submit everything for approval, they just asked for proof of all debt paid on the vehicles. (Which we had already done, but whatever lol) So I resent all the paperwork, my husband got on a 3 way call with the financer of the vehicles to confirm that all debt had been paid and that all payments were made on time. Done. We scheduled a day to sign. 2 Months after the homebuying process, we were done, signed, and the keys were ours.

Let me tell you, the relief after signing was the best feeling. I knew there was a lot to buying a house. But I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time, and at one point thinking that it just wasn’t going to work out and it wasn’t meant to be. Now, we’ve been in our new home for about a month now, already had our first payment come up. It is so nice knowing that the money we are spending on a home is actually going to something that will be ours. It has been such a tremendous blessing and I’m so excited to be in a place my son will get to grow up in without having to worry about being told to leave after a year.

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