Making the Announcement

As you read in my last post, (If you didn’t, you can read it HERE), my husband and I bought a house about a month ago. We kept it a secret during the entire process which lasted about 2 months.

Keeping it a secret at the same time of having to pack, was not the easiest. Especially when my Mother in Law lives with us. Any time she went to work, ran errands or saw her sister, I would use that time to pack the rooms that she didn’t go into. (The Master, my sons room, our bathroom) My Mother in Law have a good relationship and talk about most things, so keeping it a secret from her was really hard, especially the closer it got to signing.

The day that we went in to sign for the house, my husband and I discussed how and when we were going to tell our family. We agreed we would do it the next day, a Sunday, since I go and see my parents that day anyways and would find a way to bring them over.

My husband told his mom that he needed her to drop him off at a co-workers house to pick up the company vehicle so he could go and run a job out of town. I told my parents that my husband had bought a truck from someone but he needed me to go pick it up and I needed them to follow me home. This wasn’t a complete lie because he was looking to buy a truck, just not that day Lol.

So we planned on meeting at about 5, but he ended up getting home early that day so we left at about 3:30. We pull up to the house, and my mom was looking around for a truck. Luckily, our neighbor from across the street has a truck so I told them that was the one I was picking up, while I waited for my husband to get out of the car. (They didn’t recognize my Mother in Laws car as she had recently purchased it.)

It turns out, while I was waiting for him to get out of the car, he was trying to get his mom to get out of the car. She was fighting with him on it because she didn’t understand why she had to get out of the car. Then I had to tell my mom and step-dad to get out of the car. My mom kept questioning why they had to get out of the car. I got my son out, and my step-dad saw my husband getting out of the car. They still didn’t catch on that the truck was a lie.

We started to walk up to the house, and stood underneath the tree in the front yard. My husband turns around and goes, “Well we have some news…” and my mom asked if we bought a house. They were all so excited and in shock. So we went inside and gave them a tour of the house and backyard. Gave the story of the journey to buying the house. I did a video call to my grandma and my sister to give them the news as well. It was an exciting day for all and it was such a blessing to get to celebrate and share the news with our family.

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