A Deal You Won’t Want To Miss For This Holiday Season

November 15, 2019

Today’s Deal of the Day is the Instant Pot LUX80 8 Qt.

8 Quart: $54.99 (Regular $79.00)

Save $24.01


  • 6-in-1: Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Cake Maker and Warmer.
  • One touch controls
  • Built-in microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, adjusts heat intensity and duration to prepare healthy, tasty dishes.
  • Alexa guided cooking,750+ Recipes, Getting Started Videos, Favorite Recipe List, Personalized Grocery List and more.
  • Cook Healthy Food Fast. Cooking with high pressure reduces cooking time by up to 70%, while saving energy.
  • Adjustable Cooking Temperatures

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Today’s Deal of the Day

November 14, 2019 Deal

On sale today is the Sony Bravia OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility. (2019 Model)

55 Inch: $1498.00 (Regular: $2,299)

65 Inch: $1,998 (Regular: $3,499.99)


  • Exquisite contrast: OLED technology reveals stunningly real detail, depth, textures and color
  • Incredible clarity: x Reality Pro upscale images to near 4K clarity while reducing on screen noise
  • High dynamic range: combined with IMAX enhanced and Dolby Vision for the total cinematic experience
  • Sound revolution: immersive audio emanates from the entire OLED screen with acoustic Surface technology
  • Authentic color: TRILUMINOS Display works with 4K super Bit Mapping to create True to life OLED colors

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Thanksgiving Kitchen Essentials

Now that November is here, I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving. It is my absolute favorite holiday, good food, family, and everything just feels cozy. At least, that how it feels for me. I know some people are running around trying to get everything done, have the food ready on time and trying to beat the crowds in the store. I will say the crowds are the only thing that turn me off, but no fear! I have found a list of Kitchen Essentials that will save you time away from the stores and the crowds!

First and Foremost, the main component of Thanksgiving, is the Turkey, traditionally speaking that is. I have found 2 ways to cook your turkey and free up your oven for all your other food, getting it all done faster so you can finally sit and relax.

First is the Nesco Turkey Roaster. Nesco claims it is the easiest and fastest way to cook not only turkey, but chicken, roast and other meats. It is oil free and claims to cook an 18 pound turkey in just 2 hours! How does it do that you may ask? The infrared heating elements cook the turkey evenly by maintaining the moisture on the inside, while cooking the outside evenly. The center heating elements cooks your turkey from the inside out. Combined with the outer heating elements, the Nesco Turkey Roaster is faster than a conventional oven.

For those that have more to feed and need/want a bigger turkey, the Oster Roaster Oven is perfect for you! It can hold up to a 26 pound turkey. While it doesn’t cook the turkey in 2 hours like the Nesco, it is still super convenient as it saves you room in your oven for your other food. Not only saving oven space, you can easily simmer a delicious gravy right in the roaster oven pan without hassle. There’s no mess and you keep stove top burners free for other cooking. The last main benefit is that your turkey will be cooked perfectly, tender and moist with the Oster Self-Basting feature.

We all know how many left overs we have after everyone has ate. I personally don’t like getting stuck with all the food. I just don’t have enough room in my fridge and my family just can’t eat all the food fast enough. Sure you can freeze some, but it’s not the same. I found these cute To-Go containers for your Thanksgiving food left overs to give to guests. This set comes with 6 containers with lids and 5 foldable boxes.

This item is perfect for multiple uses. It is the Estilo 3 Tier Baking and Cooling Rack. This rack is meant to hold 3 heavy casserole dishes. You can use it in your oven to cook 3 dishes at once or you can have it set to cool the dishes as the come out of the oven. This saves not only time but space. It collapses flat, making it easy to store when you aren’t using it.

This Electric Knife is an essential when it comes to carving the turkey. It is great for right and left handers. It has a stainless steel blade and works great as well for cutting through vegetables and bread as well. The blade is removable and dishwasher safe.

Have perfectly cooked food with this Therm Pro! It is the ideal thermometer for meat, the oven, smoker and stove top. There are preset meat temps, that can be adjusted to your desired taste, and alarm and countdown timer so you know when your food has reached your desired temp.

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Anniversary 2019

This year marks 4 years of my husband and I being married. As we speak we are currently at the beach together. This 4 years has already brought many changes, up’s and down’s, and as my website advertises,, everything in between. We have had many deaths, in the family and outside the family, with members from our church.

We have been through career changes, pregnancy and the birth our son. There have been many many struggles in the time of our marriage. But beyond all the struggles and grief, we have endured many good times as well. New jobs, new family members, new trials and adventures.

I have said time and time again, the one good thing that has come out of me working at Dollar General was meeting my husband. Now, there are many things that I wish I could go back and change and things that I wish didn’t happen during our marriage, but I wouldn’t change the events that led up to where we are today.

I look forward to what the future has in store for us, as I see a bright future ahead. I’m excited to see all the changes and go on more adventures throughout the years. Here’s to more up’s and down’s and everything in between. Here is to the best husband I could have ever asked for and to the best dad to our son.

Happy 4 Years to the man I see myself being with for the rest of our lives and beyond! The hardest working, the most dedicated father, and to the man with dreams far beyond what I could imagine.

Last Preparations

I am down to the day before we go on our beach trip together as a family. Thus far, I have packed our clothes and that is about it. I have a few minor (yet major) things I need to get done before we leave.

Since we are going to the beach, one thing I have been searching for, but have no managed to find is toys for the beach, mostly sand buckets and shovels to make sand castles. This is something that I wish I had thought about during the Summer time, but now that we are in Fall, it is very hard to find any sort of toy in stores. There are two last places I need to check out before I call it quits and spend the extra money in a souvenir shop at the beach. With luck, I’m hoping to find something at either Dollar General or Dollar Tree. If you know any place that might have something in store, please comment on this post with recommendations.

Another thing I need to get done is turn in all of our loose change we have. My husband always has change in his pockets when I go to do that laundry. That change goes into a bag and each anniversary we turn it in and use that as our spending money. This time, from my manual counting, we have saved $162 to go towards food and anything extra while we are gone. This is a great way to save money throughout the year and not have to take any extra from our bank accounts while on vacation.

Lastly, I need to get together all the odd ball items to pack. This meaning all toiletries, our tent for the beach, folding chairs and toys to have in the car and hotel for my son. All the last minute items that you have to rush to remember, since most of the items are being used on the day to day so you can’t pack ahead of time.

With that being said, I’m going to make a list of all the items I need to make sure we have packed. I also need to switch out car seats and clean out the car so we won’t feel so cluttered when we do make the drive to the beach.

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Ways To Save, Get Rewarded

What if I told you there was a way for you to get $$$ just by saving money? No catch, no gimmicks. I have been using the App Qapital for a few years now and it’s a great way to save money without really thinking about it.

There’s a promotion going on right now, anyone who downloads the App and connects their bank account, will get $$$ as a thank you! Even if you don’t want to keep it, you can use it for a one time $$$ and then delete your connected bank account.

However, I would recommend keeping it. I use the app using the round up rule. Meaning, every time I make a purchase, it rounds my change up to the nearest dollar and put it aside in the Qapital app. You can save it however long you want, say for a vacation or special occasion, or cash it out whenever you want. It’s just a way to save you money separately from you actual bank account.

And no worries! If your account goes below $100, Qapital will automatically stop taking from your account so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. But, you can go in and stop it any time you want. And better yet! Once you download the app and connect your account, you can refer all of your friends and get more $$$ when they sign up and do the same!

You can save your money in multiple ways:

You can choose whichever rule you want, or choose multiple if you are really looking to put money aside to save. It’s easy and a great way to save money!

Use my code: 6f3kv4kn to get $$$ when you sign up and link your account!

Don’t forget, click the link or use my code to get $$$ and start saving today!

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The Worst of The Worst

I know it has been quite a while since I did my other two posts on my managers from working at Dollar General. Before I get into the last manager, I will post the other two stories below:

After the second manager left from Dollar General, I was really nervous as to who the next manager was going to be. However, I didn’t think it could get worse than, T. I don’t remember the exact day I met the new manager, D. I do remember thinking she was nice and I already liked her much more than the others.

I was no longer considered the new employee as many people had left since T was working there. I knew my way around the store and did pretty well with my job there. We did have a couple new key holders, one of which I really didn’t like working with, W. She was a little older, but not elderly. She was slow about everything, stressed about everything, and in my opinion didn’t know what she was doing. Looking back now and knowing who she was working directly under, I can now understand how stressed she must have felt.

There was one key holder who I did like working with, C, but she didn’t last much longer after D came around. I remember the day she left she warned me over the phone, “If she asks you to be a key holder, do not accept it.” She had all kinds of claims about the new manager and at that moment, I agreed I wouldn’t. However, after a while, it was clear at the time that me and D got along really well and I soon was offered to be a key holder. I accepted, hesitantly.

I was actually glad I had accepted at first, it meant I didn’t have to work the register, spent more time on the floor doing resets and stocking the shelves which I was really good at. The only thing I didn’t like was constantly having to go to the register any time a non-key holder needed anything. The stress came once there was so much pressure to clear the back room. Which is totally understandable because you can’t make money if it’s all in the back. The stress was that I was the main person to clear the back because the others either really didn’t care or they were just that slow.

My manager was still appreciative of the work I did do and my hard work then wasn’t going unnoticed. Things started to change once I became the only person my manager liked. She would want to go to the movies with me, had me go the fiesta water parade with her once and then the main fiesta with her and her husband, dinner afterwards. She wanted me to go to her mother’s birthday party and then after someone in her family died, she wanted me to go to the funeral with her. She was constantly making remarks about how she wished she had another son so that I could marry him, and then wanted me to meet her nephew. The biggest red flag was when she said her husband was going to be away for a year and wanted me to live with her for that year.

Things went from weird to terrible once I started dating my, now, husband. He used to be the bread vendor at the store, so she knew him, but she didn’t like him at all. I don’t even think it was him personally that she didn’t like. She didn’t like any of the vendors and was always calling to complain about them, if they didn’t exactly what she wanted. She suddenly became power hungry and wanted everyone to do what she said, even if it went against the rules of the company.

Towards the end of me working at Dollar General, I had hurt my left arm. I had gone to the doctor because I couldn’t fully straighten it and was in a lot of pain. The X-Ray showed a fracture and when I showed her the X-Ray, that same day she had a line of product that needed to be stocked on the shelf, even though it was after the time of us being allowed to do stocking. (After 4:30 it’s just making sure the store is clean and in order for the next day) Well I had talked to the District Manager and he told me that I wasn’t even suppose to touch it and to leave it and just focus on the store. The next day was the same thing, along with write up’s for not doing the stocking. This continued every day, the write up’s. It didn’t matter what you did, how good the store looked, she would find a reason to write you up.

I went back to the doctor for my follow up appointment for my arm. I received a light duty form, stating that I couldn’t lift over 5 pounds. Rather than putting me on the night shift where there is no lifting, she only scheduled me for 4 hours that week. And when I said I wanted to use my vacation time to cover the hours I was going to be losing, she told me no.

So I quit. When I asked the district manager for the corporate number to call for my vacation hours I was owed, he constantly gave me the wrong phone number and the only way I was able to get it was one of times I called the wrong number, that number knew the Dollar General Corporate Number. However, they had prolonged giving me the phone number so long, by the time I got it, she had put in I was no longer rehire-able so they didn’t owe me my vacation time.

I started with being her favorite and since I would go on a date with her nephew, and rather started dating someone she didn’t like, she did everything she could to make my time working there miserable, even though I was the hardest worker she had and the only person who did any work in that store.

But at least I can say, the one good thing that came out of me working at Dollar General was getting to meet my husband and now having a 2 year old son with him.

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The Day You Left

If I could go back

to the day you left,

things would be so different.

I would let you know

of the things unsaid,

How much you really helped me.

I would have appreciated

all of our times together,

I wouldn’t want them to end.

I hadn’t known

you leaving would mean,

you wouldn’t come back to me.

Now that you’re gone

I wish I had known,

those times would be our last.

I had a friend who I knew in middle school but really didn’t become friends with until high school. To be honest, I don’t know what it was that got us to start talking, but we did and we really hit it off. It could have been us having mutual friends in middle school and they fact that they all went to a different high school and we were the only two from our group that went to our high school.

However, my best friend at the time went to a different high school and I was dedicated in keeping that friendship close. If I was invited to both friends house, I would go to the one from the other high school. We will call the one from the other high school, C. The one from the high school I went to is, L.

There were problems among both friend groups and it seemed like Me and L were the only one’s that didn’t argue with each other. We got close in high school, but I still had it in my heart that C was my best friend and I needed to keep that friendship the closest. If me and C got into an argument and L saw the unfairness that was being brought to me, I would disregard what she had to say. I would be offended that she would even make comments about how C could be.

Now I have so many regrets. I wish I had seen the type of friend L was to me and how she was dedicated to me and I could always count on her to be there for me. The friendship with C ended not long after we graduated from high school. She wasn’t the friend that I thought she was going to be. I thought she was the one that I was going to remain friends with forever, but she thought differently. L was always the one that would remain my friend. But now she is gone and moved to a different state and has a family of her own. The friend that had been there for me is no longer right down the road from me and I wish I didn’t take for granted the friendship she had to offer. Those days of choosing C over L are my biggest regrets and I wish I had taken the time to build my relationship up with L.

So, my advice would be, take a look at the people around you. Who are the one’s that are actually there for you. Who can tell it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat things for you, that give you the advice that would be better for you. Not the one’s that only add negativity to your life. Choose the friend like L. They are the one’s that will always be there for you. Just because you think one friend is the friend that will be there forever, isn’t necessarily how it will be in the end.

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At The Farm You Used To Live

At the farm you used to live

The stars shined so bright

Your spirit remains alive

To be there now doesn’t feel right

The stars shined so bright

This place seems empty now

To be there doesn’t feel right

Moving on, I don’t know how

This place seems empty now

In my heart you’ll always be

Moving on, I don’t know how

But now you’ve been set free

In my heart you’ll always be

Your spirit remains alive

And now you’ve been set free

At the farm you used to live.

Dedicated to my memma.

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Truths About The Past

Growing up my life seemed and felt pretty normal. It was my mom, dad, my sister and I. We would take trips during the summer, the beach and to visit my moms family. During winter break we would get to see my grandparents on my dads side as they traveled in their RV. And occasionally on the weekends we would go camping. We didn’t have a whole lot, but my parents did enough that we still got to have a fun childhood. The big splurge would be season passes to Six Flags were we spent a majority of our weekends in the summer. Everything seemed fine and happy.

The only thing that seemed different was even as a young child I knew they were going to get divorced. I’m not entirely sure what exactly made me think this but it was just a feeling that I had, that eventually did happen. I remember asking my dad one day, “Would you ever cheat on mom?” to which he responded, “No, I would never do that.” I don’t know what prompted me to ask this question. Now it seems a little foolish to think that he would answer this truthfully. As if someone would say, “Yep, I definitely would.” At the time of me asking, I’m not even sure I knew exactly what that meant.

7th Grade

I think I became aware of everything in 7th grade. I would wake up in the middle of the night to them yelling at each other. Of course, I wasn’t exactly sure what about, but I later found out. This was also the year that my mom decided to go to nursing school. Their arguments happened more often and more in the open. My sister was starting to act out a bit, but in a normal teenager way, pushing boundaries.

Problems really started happening when my dads drinking was increasing. That was one of the problems within their marriage. My mom saw it as a problem, my dad did not. (And still doesn’t) They tried counseling at our church, but my dad stopped going, after walking out on a session.

Rather than working on fixing their marriage, my dad would wait until my mom would leave for school in the evening and would go to the trunk of the car and pull out his case of beer that he would finish within the night. This was around the same time I found out my dad was messaging another woman in Dallas. He would take “business” trips there, which is where I assume he met her. I walked into the garage one day, he called his “man cave” and how the couch and laptop were positioned, as soon as you walked in, you could see the screen of the computer. That’s how I discovered him webcamming this woman.

This was the start of me keeping track of what he was doing. I would count how many beers he would drink each night and I would see how many days he would message this woman, that I knew of. I started “hanging out” with him in the garage and having to sit through WWE episodes just to know what he was doing. One night when my mom was home and he was in the garage I asked my mom, “Do you think dad would cheat on you?” And this opened up the subject of the past that I was blind to as a child. I told her what I had seen him doing, what was on the screen. She told me this wasn’t the first time he had done something like that.

Unfortunately, my mom brought it up to my dad and he had some lame story as to it wasn’t messenger that I had seen. He has a program he uses for work that looks like instant messenger and had shown us it in front of our mom. I played it off and acted like that’s what it was, but later I drew a picture for my mom as to what I had seen and said the program he showed was nothing like what I saw. This was when my mom made plans to finish nursing school and then she was going to leave him. For me, it was instant relief.

Summer of 8th Grade

In the summer leading up to 8th grade, we got the terrible phone call of my Aunt being in the hospital. There was a blood clot in her brain and she wasn’t conscious. That put a hold on everything. Our focus now was getting to my Aunt. I remember going to the hospital and all of our family being there. It was all a waiting game as to what was going to happen.

After being back home for a while, my mom got a call about my Aunt not doing well and them having to make a decision as to if they were going to keep her on life support. My mom was going to drive up with my other aunt. Both my sister and I wanted to go as well, but since school was starting soon, we had to stay home. However, the day they left, my dad called up my grandparents and we were sent to go visit them for a few days. This still doesn’t make sense to me as to why we couldn’t go see my Aunt in the hospital but went to go see my grandparents, and they day we got back home my Aunt ended up passing a way.

8th Grade

After my Aunt passed away, it seemed like talk about my mom leaving my dad stopped completely. I remember one time after an argument she had mentioned divorce to him, which was the first time that was actually said out loud. However, later my mom came up to me saying they had talked and when I asked about divorce she said, “You act as if you want us to get a divorce.” This actually took me by surprise since that had been the plan she had told me and now it seemed as though she changed her mind. I remember feeling mad about this since I knew everything my dad was doing.

My dad went on drinking, continued talking to other women, and one night things went to an extreme when my parents were fighting and my mom had both my sister and I go to our rooms. My dad ended up pushing my mom through my sisters door and my sister and I yelling at my dad to leave. Again, this led to a conversation of my dad being sorry and that he would never do that again. Typical abuse response. This time, however, my mom told us in private she still planned on leaving him after she graduated.

Mom’s Graduation

In the summer after 8th grade, my mom graduated from nursing school. She didn’t immediately leave, but one night after another argument, my mom and dad were in the garage talking and after a while, my mom came in and told me that they decided that they were going to get a divorce.

However, I wasn’t as relieved as I thought I would be. I was nervous, sad and scared. Suddenly all the feelings of looking forward to this disappeared. It was the confirmation that our family was no longer going to be a family. The family that I knew when I was little, was no longer the perfect family that I had seen it to be.

More and more information came out about how my dad truly was. The things he had done even before we were born and the things he had done to not only my mom, but other members of our family. It came out that my dad had been paying child support to another woman after one cheating incident not long after my sister was born, when my dad was still in the military.

The divorce led to more pain, more arguments and a dysfunctional relationship between my dad, sister and I. There’s still much to be worked on, but this is the story I had to tell for now.

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