Help! How to Drink More Water Every Day?

Making sure I drank enough water has been such a struggle for me. Once you get hooked on soda or other sugary beverages, it’s so hard to get off of them.

I used to try and reward myself when it came to drinking water. If I drank one bottle of water (16.9 oz) then I can have a coke. This is so bad and really didn’t do any good for my body as it takes so much more water to flush out the soda.

I was one to suffer from migraines on a regular basis, and the main contributor to this was not getting enough water. There are so many benefits to drinking water. It’s a huge contributor to weight loss, it boosts your immune system and helps make you regular. While seeing all the benefits are great, it’s much harder actually following through and getting the water you need into your body.

I have come up with a few simple, but effective, tips on how to get enough water every day!

First, the standard water bottle size is 16.9 oz. That means in order to get the average water consumption in you would have to drink about 4 bottles a day. That means you either have to constantly refill your bottle, which actually leads to the biggest reason people don’t get enough water, or you use up a lot of unnecessary plastic but getting new bottles each time. Neither of these options are ideal. Remembering to refill a bottle often leads people into thinking “I’ll refill it later” and then not actually getting around to refilling their water. Grabbing a new bottle each time adds up in cost very quickly and leads to a lot of plastic waste.

That is where this 64 oz water bottle comes in handy. It’s a one time fill and helps you keep track of how much water you have left to drink for the day, all in one bottle. It is insulated so your water stays cold and has an easy carry handle to take with you wherever you go. This bottle comes in a variety of colors. For 3 reasons, this 64oz bottle is a great switch to what you would normally use.

  1. You don’t have to constantly refill.
  2. You can see you’re progress throughout the day.
  3. It’s easy. You just have one bottle to finish.

Another bottle option is another 64 oz bottle, but with a better visual to get you through the day. This bottle lines up how much water you should drink at different hours of the day.

With motivational messages and time frames, this is an easy, fun way, to drink your water throughout the day.

My last tip for drinking enough water is adding in different fruits and vegetables into your water to add some flavor and other added benefits. Adding in different fruits and vegetables into one of the bottles listed above is a great way to add flavor to your water, especially if you’re one that struggles with water due to flavor or lack thereof.

Keep an eye out for my next post for different recipes for your water, adding flavor and benefits to your water.

Get your water in during your exercise!


Eat What You Want and STILL Lose Weight!

I know for me, the biggest struggle when it comes to losing weight or maintaining my weight is FOOD!

Is there really anyone out there who wants to give up their favorite foods? I love all foods, and with that comes all the foods that can be categorized as being unhealthy. Other diets would kick those foods off their lists completely.

That’s a set up for failure in my opinion. Being told you can’t eat certain foods and then feeling guilty if you do sneak it in one day. From my experience, this guilt leads me to the mentality of “Well I already ate bad, so I might as well give up and try again another day.” I then binge all the foods that I shouldn’t.

What if I told you though that there is a diet that allows you to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight? It sounds too good to be true right? It’s not.

Favorite Food Diet

Introducing the Favorite Food Diet. The only diet that allows you to eat what you want while still losing weight.

How it Works

A Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day plan works with you and your body to change its internal chemistry. By changing your internal chemistry, shedding the extra pounds becomes your bodies natural state of being.

One key ingredient throughout the diet works with your body and allows you to eat the foods you want. Desserts and other fun foods are placed strategically throughout the program. Paired with the key ingredient, your “cheat foods” become foods that help you throughout your weight loss journey.

What You Get

Not only do you get your Step-by-Step program book, you’ll get 3 additional books with no added cost. This includes Favorite Wardrobe, Favorite Detox Cleanse, and Favorites Recipes along with the Favorite Foods Diet.

About Me

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I like to say I’m “outboyed” in a house with my husband of almost 4 years, my 2 year old son and our orange feline friend, Sammy, who acts more like a dog than a cat.

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