Why Weight?

Getting into shape is more than just a number on a scale. It’s everything within you that matters when it comes to your health. Your overall health will affect your energy level, mood, memory and prevention from other health factors.

There are many factors that you may not consider when it comes to getting into better shape, or just improving your health in general. That’s where the RENPHO scale comes into play.

The RENPHO scale connects to your favorite fitness app allowing you to track your progress. With the ability to connect to an unlimited amount of users, your whole family can join in. Sync your data through your bluetooth and input your data prior to use.

With 13 different features, you are able to track your progress with more detail. The RENPHO scale monitors the following:

  1. Bone Mass
  2. Body Fat
  3. Body Age
  4. Visceral Fat
  5. BMI
  6. Skeletal Muscle
  7. Protein
  8. Muscle Mass
  9. Fat-Free Body Mass
  10. Basal Metabolism
  11. Water
  12. Subcutaneous Fat
  13. Weight

Measurements are meant for reference purposes only and not for medical use. For medical purposes, consult a medical professional.


What’s Stopping You?

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, I have a solution to your problems!

  • Joint Pain in your Legs, Lower Back or Hips
  • Discomfort While Walking
  • Bad Posture
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Low Energy
  • Anxiety
  • Problems with your Digestion
  • Problems with your Immune System
  • Low Sex Drive

If you suffer from any of the following issues listed above, keep reading. What many people don’t know is a lot of issues they deal with, is actually related to a different issue in their body.

Tight Hip Flexors are common in many people and can impact your whole body. Everything flows through your hips, so if your hips are causing problems, other issues follow along with it.

No need to worry though, these issues can be fixed, but it goes beyond just normal stretching. There is a technique that combines 6 different methods to help release your Hip Flexors.


This program features step-by-step videos that walk your through each move. It walks your through with explaining how your Hip Flexors can cause all the issues listed above and why it is important to release your Hip Flexors to better your body as a whole.

Still feeling skeptical? No worries. Not only are they offering $50 off, there is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the program. This isn’t a matter if this will benefit you. It will benefit anyone. ‘How much will it benefit you’ is a better question.