Little Life Update

Wow, wow, wow! I can’t believe the last time I was able to write on here was in July! And here we are in October. Fall is here! The year is starting to come to an end, and this year is still crazy!

The last time I came on here, I talked about keeping the secret of buying a house. And then I kind of vanished. I will have a whole post talking about sharing the news of buying a house with our family, but for now, I want to bring you up to speed. (If you’re even interested LOL)

Basically, the beginning of August we were finally able to sign on our house. It took longer than we expected and then our lease was up at the end of August. Again, packing and moving took a big longer than we thought and took about a week longer than anticipated to finally get everything out of our last place. I would say, we finally got settled, about 2 weeks ago.

With that, came some struggles. My son didn’t take to the move very well. I mean, he’s 3 so I’m not sure how much he understood about not being able to go back to our old house anymore. He was moodier than usual. Wasn’t sleeping very well. And with trying to unpack and adjusting, it was hard and tiring and painful. My lower back still hurts from moving. My son finally got used to the new house, went through a growth spurt, which was another struggle. Got him back to sleeping at night. And then last week. Something else happened. I’m not even quite sure to be able to explain it. I’m not sure if it’s another growth spurt, him being 3, or what. He’s not sleeping through the night AGAIN. He’s a bit snippy. Again, he’s a 3 year old that’s not getting much sleep. That combo doesn’t go well together. (Lord help me)

With all that, I haven’t found the time to sit and focus. My mind is in a fog from the lack of sleep. My body is exhausted. And my motivation is low for just about anything. But I’m trying to stay positive. If anyone has any pointers on dealing with a 3 year old, especially one that suddenly doesn’t want to sleep well at night, please, all advice is welcome. (Unless you’re not going to be nice. Positivity only please LOL)

Sorry for this jumble scatter of my thoughts in an update post, but that’s my mind right now. But I promise to share more on the house, holiday posts, gift ideas, etc. Let me know what you want to see on here. Take care and I hope everyone is having a great start of Fall!

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The Biggest Secret

Good day everyone and welcome to July!

Is it just me or has this year been the longest yet faster year ever? I know it’s been the craziest year that I have ever had to experience.

One thing that this year has brought, is the biggest secret I have ever had to keep and honestly, hoping none of my family reads or knows about my website/blog. (Because this would totally ruin everything) And if you are my family reading this, I would hope you could keep your mouth quiet and pretend everything is a surprise when this is all complete.

For our family, our biggest goal that w have been working for these past few years and especially this year has been to be able to get our own house. We have been very blessed and fortunate enough to be able to rent a house these past 6 years, but while it’s a home, it’s not our home.

Now comes the secret. For the past 3-4 weeks we have actually been working on actually getting a house. We have been looking for a while now actually, but never got serious about it. (Meaning we would browse for fun until we could look for real) We everything got real, really fast. We know someone from Bible study who is a realtor and has been sending us some homes to look at and one morning we got an email with a few listings, one house having been posted that morning. It was everything we had been looking for! We called to get a tour and that same day, went in looked, placed a hold and put in an offer.

When I say it’s everything we’ve been looking for, it is truly EVERYTHING we have been looking for. A large side gate that we can drive through to get to the huge backyard. A greenbelt behind us so no worries of another house behind us. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, a long driveway (Can you tell we need parking space?) Not 1, but TWO pantries! (This was a big thing for me since our current home doesn’t even have a pantry. It’s beautiful and quiet and no traffic down the street it’s on.

The very next day after putting in our offer, it was accepted! It had a higher bidder than us and they still chose our offer! We did the inspection and with the exception of minor issues, it’s perfect. And the best part? Our move in date would be September 1st, to which our current lease expires August 31. Literally, everything lines up so perfect. When I say this was God, I mean it. Everything has fallen so perfectly in line with our needs that the only explanation is God.

What’s so secret about this? We have not told anybody in our family and we still have a month to keep this quiet. My Mother-in-Law who lives with us doesn’t even know about any of this. We want to get all the papers signed and have a huge surprise waiting for both of our families and I just had to tell someone. So anyone and everyone reading this, just know you all found out about this before any of our family. LOL

This post isn’t meant to brag about finding a home or anything, but it is proof that with hard work and faith, things do fall into place. I didn’t expect any of this to happen so fast, honestly I thought if we were lucky maybe we could start looking next year. I am speechless to even think that in 2 months, we can be in a new home.

While all of this is very exciting, I do still get sad thinking about not being in our current home. It’s a very sentimental place for me. It’s the home I got engaged in, planned a wedding in and where my son has spent the first 3 years of his life in. Our neighbors are amazing and it really is a nice place full of so many memories. But I am very excited and bless to have a home of our own without the possibility of having a lease ended. I’m excited to create new memories in this new home where my son will get to spend the next possibly 15 more years in.

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Anniversary 2019

This year marks 4 years of my husband and I being married. As we speak we are currently at the beach together. This 4 years has already brought many changes, up’s and down’s, and as my website advertises,, everything in between. We have had many deaths, in the family and outside the family, with members from our church.

We have been through career changes, pregnancy and the birth our son. There have been many many struggles in the time of our marriage. But beyond all the struggles and grief, we have endured many good times as well. New jobs, new family members, new trials and adventures.

I have said time and time again, the one good thing that has come out of me working at Dollar General was meeting my husband. Now, there are many things that I wish I could go back and change and things that I wish didn’t happen during our marriage, but I wouldn’t change the events that led up to where we are today.

I look forward to what the future has in store for us, as I see a bright future ahead. I’m excited to see all the changes and go on more adventures throughout the years. Here’s to more up’s and down’s and everything in between. Here is to the best husband I could have ever asked for and to the best dad to our son.

Happy 4 Years to the man I see myself being with for the rest of our lives and beyond! The hardest working, the most dedicated father, and to the man with dreams far beyond what I could imagine.

Truths About The Past

Growing up my life seemed and felt pretty normal. It was my mom, dad, my sister and I. We would take trips during the summer, the beach and to visit my moms family. During winter break we would get to see my grandparents on my dads side as they traveled in their RV. And occasionally on the weekends we would go camping. We didn’t have a whole lot, but my parents did enough that we still got to have a fun childhood. The big splurge would be season passes to Six Flags were we spent a majority of our weekends in the summer. Everything seemed fine and happy.

The only thing that seemed different was even as a young child I knew they were going to get divorced. I’m not entirely sure what exactly made me think this but it was just a feeling that I had, that eventually did happen. I remember asking my dad one day, “Would you ever cheat on mom?” to which he responded, “No, I would never do that.” I don’t know what prompted me to ask this question. Now it seems a little foolish to think that he would answer this truthfully. As if someone would say, “Yep, I definitely would.” At the time of me asking, I’m not even sure I knew exactly what that meant.

7th Grade

I think I became aware of everything in 7th grade. I would wake up in the middle of the night to them yelling at each other. Of course, I wasn’t exactly sure what about, but I later found out. This was also the year that my mom decided to go to nursing school. Their arguments happened more often and more in the open. My sister was starting to act out a bit, but in a normal teenager way, pushing boundaries.

Problems really started happening when my dads drinking was increasing. That was one of the problems within their marriage. My mom saw it as a problem, my dad did not. (And still doesn’t) They tried counseling at our church, but my dad stopped going, after walking out on a session.

Rather than working on fixing their marriage, my dad would wait until my mom would leave for school in the evening and would go to the trunk of the car and pull out his case of beer that he would finish within the night. This was around the same time I found out my dad was messaging another woman in Dallas. He would take “business” trips there, which is where I assume he met her. I walked into the garage one day, he called his “man cave” and how the couch and laptop were positioned, as soon as you walked in, you could see the screen of the computer. That’s how I discovered him webcamming this woman.

This was the start of me keeping track of what he was doing. I would count how many beers he would drink each night and I would see how many days he would message this woman, that I knew of. I started “hanging out” with him in the garage and having to sit through WWE episodes just to know what he was doing. One night when my mom was home and he was in the garage I asked my mom, “Do you think dad would cheat on you?” And this opened up the subject of the past that I was blind to as a child. I told her what I had seen him doing, what was on the screen. She told me this wasn’t the first time he had done something like that.

Unfortunately, my mom brought it up to my dad and he had some lame story as to it wasn’t messenger that I had seen. He has a program he uses for work that looks like instant messenger and had shown us it in front of our mom. I played it off and acted like that’s what it was, but later I drew a picture for my mom as to what I had seen and said the program he showed was nothing like what I saw. This was when my mom made plans to finish nursing school and then she was going to leave him. For me, it was instant relief.

Summer of 8th Grade

In the summer leading up to 8th grade, we got the terrible phone call of my Aunt being in the hospital. There was a blood clot in her brain and she wasn’t conscious. That put a hold on everything. Our focus now was getting to my Aunt. I remember going to the hospital and all of our family being there. It was all a waiting game as to what was going to happen.

After being back home for a while, my mom got a call about my Aunt not doing well and them having to make a decision as to if they were going to keep her on life support. My mom was going to drive up with my other aunt. Both my sister and I wanted to go as well, but since school was starting soon, we had to stay home. However, the day they left, my dad called up my grandparents and we were sent to go visit them for a few days. This still doesn’t make sense to me as to why we couldn’t go see my Aunt in the hospital but went to go see my grandparents, and they day we got back home my Aunt ended up passing a way.

8th Grade

After my Aunt passed away, it seemed like talk about my mom leaving my dad stopped completely. I remember one time after an argument she had mentioned divorce to him, which was the first time that was actually said out loud. However, later my mom came up to me saying they had talked and when I asked about divorce she said, “You act as if you want us to get a divorce.” This actually took me by surprise since that had been the plan she had told me and now it seemed as though she changed her mind. I remember feeling mad about this since I knew everything my dad was doing.

My dad went on drinking, continued talking to other women, and one night things went to an extreme when my parents were fighting and my mom had both my sister and I go to our rooms. My dad ended up pushing my mom through my sisters door and my sister and I yelling at my dad to leave. Again, this led to a conversation of my dad being sorry and that he would never do that again. Typical abuse response. This time, however, my mom told us in private she still planned on leaving him after she graduated.

Mom’s Graduation

In the summer after 8th grade, my mom graduated from nursing school. She didn’t immediately leave, but one night after another argument, my mom and dad were in the garage talking and after a while, my mom came in and told me that they decided that they were going to get a divorce.

However, I wasn’t as relieved as I thought I would be. I was nervous, sad and scared. Suddenly all the feelings of looking forward to this disappeared. It was the confirmation that our family was no longer going to be a family. The family that I knew when I was little, was no longer the perfect family that I had seen it to be.

More and more information came out about how my dad truly was. The things he had done even before we were born and the things he had done to not only my mom, but other members of our family. It came out that my dad had been paying child support to another woman after one cheating incident not long after my sister was born, when my dad was still in the military.

The divorce led to more pain, more arguments and a dysfunctional relationship between my dad, sister and I. There’s still much to be worked on, but this is the story I had to tell for now.

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Our Love Story

November 7, 2015

Before Dating

In July of 2011, I had just graduated high school the month before, and my mother gave me the “Either go to school or get a job” speech. The problem with this is that I didn’t have a car or someone that could take me to school and I couldn’t afford a car without getting a job, so the logical thing to do was get a job and save up to buy a car. So, I applied at Dollar General that was 5 minutes from the house, which was the only place I applied and actually got hired almost right away.

Now, my husband, Thomas, worked with Flowers Baking delivery bread and other pastry snacks at the time of me work at Dollar General and actually delivered to our store twice a week. When I first started working I didn’t get too many hours so I didn’t started seeing him until we were on our 3rd store manager. When I finally did start to see him, me being as shy as I am, didn’t talk to him at all for months/years.

By the time we were onto our 3rd manager, I was promoted to a key holder, and being a key holder, one of the responsibilities is to check in vendors, so I was basically forced into interacting with more people and vendors. Tuesdays and Thursdays were our bread days and Thomas went from delivering in the mornings to suddenly coming in the evenings when I worked. (I didn’t think anything of this at the time because honestly I’m blind to any sort of flirting and what not.)

December of 2013 was roughly when we really started talking/texting. At the time it was nothing romantic as I wasn’t sure how he felt about me, heck I didn’t even know how I felt about him, but since he was a vendor and I was a key holder (I believe Assistant Manager at this point) I didn’t know what the rules were about relationships between the two.

The Start of Something

In January of 2014, Thomas left Flowers Baking to be a vendor with Pepperidge Farm. He no longer serviced our store anymore and by this point I had just about had it with Dollar General. (Future post to come of my experience working there) We started talking more and more and went on, what I would now call, dates since we no longer saw each other at DG. January 24, 2014 was the day we started dating.

From there, our relationship grew very fast and we experienced a lot together. Many job changes, house changes, life and relationship changes. From the very beginning we both felt like we were meant to be together. I had never been in a relationship before, but I couldn’t imagine ever dating anyone else. Our connection was strong and we had so much understanding of each other, our feelings and the way we worked together. We were partners and mixed so well together.

The Dating Life

From the moment me and Thomas started dating, my manager knew something was different with me. She suspected I was dating someone and while I was in love, I didn’t want to tell her. She hated Thomas and I knew it, but it eventually came out and things changed instantly.

I went from being her favorite employee and even though I was the hardest and most dedicated employee she had, she hated me. She treated me poorly, wrote me up for anything and everything and set expectations I couldn’t meet. I dreaded going into work and would call Thomas almost every day say I wanted to quit, but he wanted me to stick it out and if I really wanted to quit, to do it the correct way. One day when I really couldn’t take it anymore, he called me and said a Christian Store was hiring and to call the manager.

So January of 2015 I put in my notice and started working at Family Christian and said good riddance to the job that brought me and Thomas together.


On the 24th of July Thomas proposed and we set the wedding date for a few months from then. It was very fast, a bit stressful but everything worked out perfectly. That is, until the week before the wedding. It was set to happen in a pavilion next to the main building of my moms church. However, it had started to rain and even if it didn’t rain on the day of the wedding, the floor of the pavilion would be too slippery to be safe.

Our only option at this point was to pay extra to have the wedding in the main building of the church. This part actually ended up working out beautifully and I’m happy it worked out this way, though at the time it was pretty stressful. The second thing that happened was the night before the wedding, we had just finished decorating for the next day when we got a call from our caterer. The grill that he uses to cook the food had broken and had no other way to cook the food. Luckily, the church had agreed to let him use the grill that is located in the pavilion.


The day of our wedding took place on November 7, 2015 and it couldn’t have gone more perfect. Looking back at it now, there’s not a single thing I would change about it. We were surrounded by the people that mattered most to us. Had friends we hadn’t seen in a while show up and celebrate with us. And in the end I got to marry my very best friend.