Ways To Save, Get Rewarded

What if I told you there was a way for you to get $$$ just by saving money? No catch, no gimmicks. I have been using the App Qapital for a few years now and it’s a great way to save money without really thinking about it.

There’s a promotion going on right now, anyone who downloads the App and connects their bank account, will get $$$ as a thank you! Even if you don’t want to keep it, you can use it for a one time $$$ and then delete your connected bank account.

However, I would recommend keeping it. I use the app using the round up rule. Meaning, every time I make a purchase, it rounds my change up to the nearest dollar and put it aside in the Qapital app. You can save it however long you want, say for a vacation or special occasion, or cash it out whenever you want. It’s just a way to save you money separately from you actual bank account.

And no worries! If your account goes below $100, Qapital will automatically stop taking from your account so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. But, you can go in and stop it any time you want. And better yet! Once you download the app and connect your account, you can refer all of your friends and get more $$$ when they sign up and do the same!

You can save your money in multiple ways:

You can choose whichever rule you want, or choose multiple if you are really looking to put money aside to save. It’s easy and a great way to save money!

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Make Money Easy!

For two years now I have been using an app called Qapital to help me save money. I originally got this app for the purpose of putting money aside for a year that way, come my and my husband’s anniversary, we would have money that we could use to spend on our yearly trip.

I do have a savings account, but what I like about this app is that it restricts me from easily spending the money I am trying to save. Yes, you can switch the money from the app back to your account at any time, but since it is separate, I don’t see it directly from my bank account, therefore it’s an extra step I would have to take to move it over, vs just taking the money from the account.

However, since having this account, I have completely missed on the offer that has been right in front of my face the whole time. Their every day referral program allows for you to refer someone with your code and once they make a deposit to their account, you and the person you referred get’s $20!

Customize Your Rules

When you first sign up for Qapital, you link your bank information for the account you want to money switched over to. Then you can set up what you want to save the money for. Mine is always set for Beach Trip because that’s what I use the extra money for, but you can choose whatever you want.

Next you set up how you want your money taken out. There are many options to choose from and you can control how much money you want taken each time. You can stop all of these options at any time. Plus, not to worry, if your bank account gets low, Qapital will stop withdrawing from your account, but again, all savings withdrawals can be stopped whenever you wish.

Every Day Referral Program

The Qapital everyday referral bonus program (the “Everyday Referral Bonus”) offers a cash bonus to Qapital users referring first-time Qapital accountholders (each such first-time accountholder a “Referred User”) and each Referred User. The Everyday Referral Bonus amount will be determined from time to time and disclosed in the mobile app. The Referral Bonus will appear in the form of a deposit in your Qapital account.

For more information you can CLICK HERE for all rules and conditions.

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My First Job

June 2011

I had just graduated from high school the 4th of June and was given the “Go to school or get a job” speech from my mom. Most kids my age, 18, had already had a job in the past, many of whom had summer jobs starting at 16 or were working their senior year. I, on the other hand, was incredibly shy, and even more terrified at the thought of even having to go in for an interview.

Now, I would have loved to start off going to college, heck I would have graduated much earlier, but there was a problem. In order to get to college, I would need transportation as both of my parents worked, incredibly early in the morning at the time. We were not that well off that my parents could just buy me a car. So in order for me to get a car, I needed to work to save up for one. So that is where I began my journey of job hunting.

Job hunting actually was very easy. The first place I applied to was Dollar General, as it was very close to our house. My mom took me in to get an application and right away they had me take their qualification test, in which I had passed. I later (by later I mean a few days) I called to talk to the store manager about my application. We’ll refer to this manager as, R.

Getting into contact with R was much more difficult than I had expected as there was a lot of changes going on with the store and company. Long story short, I never got an interview, but was instead just hired right away. I went in to fill out the paper work and get myself into their system.

An issue arose as a few days had gone by and I didn’t hear anything back from R about when I would be starting. I kept calling to get into contact with him, but he was never there when I called. (Follow along as this way the first sign that maybe I shouldn’t work here.) Anyways. After some time of me calling I finally find out that R was then transferred to another store and the new store manager knew nothing about me being hired, though I had already done the paperwork and was now in their system as being an employee.

I got into contact with the new store manager, this one we’ll call B. I finally get set up to start my first official day of work as a Dollar General employee.

July 11, 2011

My first official day of work was on July 11, 2011. I always found this day being easy to remember because it was 7-11. (If you don’t think this convenient store is amazing, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Half kidding.) I go in that night to be trained by someone I actually went to high school with, though we didn’t really know each other, only recognition. (Let’s just say I was not cool enough in high school for many people to know me.)

I started off learning the register and learning what is to be expected of closing duties. I remember going home that night being SO excited about working the cash register. My exact words being, “It was so fun! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of working a cash register!” Ha….haha…Yeah I got tired of it VERY fast.

Now, we’ll fast forward about a month. Because it took me about that long to put in my 2 week notice for the first time. I absolutely hated working there. I got very little hours for it to not be worth it in my eyes. However, the problem I quickly learned was that it looks very bad to other companies to quit a job, a first job at that, after only working a month and nobody wanted to hire me. At this time I wanted something more fast paced. Dollar General was slow and I felt like I was doing nothing when it came to benefiting a company.

Luckily for me, the store manager, as well as all the other key holders talked me out of quitting. Apparently I was a good employee and was promised I would get more hours, especially once the holidays came around. This was actually all very true. I started getting more hours, which allowed me to do more work around the store. Time went faster at work, I was learning more, and doing more. I felt like I was contributing to the company and I was happier working here. Then my store manager got a new job and we would soon be introduced to our second store manager.