Making the Announcement

As you read in my last post, (If you didn’t, you can read it HERE), my husband and I bought a house about a month ago. We kept it a secret during the entire process which lasted about 2 months.

Keeping it a secret at the same time of having to pack, was not the easiest. Especially when my Mother in Law lives with us. Any time she went to work, ran errands or saw her sister, I would use that time to pack the rooms that she didn’t go into. (The Master, my sons room, our bathroom) My Mother in Law have a good relationship and talk about most things, so keeping it a secret from her was really hard, especially the closer it got to signing.

The day that we went in to sign for the house, my husband and I discussed how and when we were going to tell our family. We agreed we would do it the next day, a Sunday, since I go and see my parents that day anyways and would find a way to bring them over.

My husband told his mom that he needed her to drop him off at a co-workers house to pick up the company vehicle so he could go and run a job out of town. I told my parents that my husband had bought a truck from someone but he needed me to go pick it up and I needed them to follow me home. This wasn’t a complete lie because he was looking to buy a truck, just not that day Lol.

So we planned on meeting at about 5, but he ended up getting home early that day so we left at about 3:30. We pull up to the house, and my mom was looking around for a truck. Luckily, our neighbor from across the street has a truck so I told them that was the one I was picking up, while I waited for my husband to get out of the car. (They didn’t recognize my Mother in Laws car as she had recently purchased it.)

It turns out, while I was waiting for him to get out of the car, he was trying to get his mom to get out of the car. She was fighting with him on it because she didn’t understand why she had to get out of the car. Then I had to tell my mom and step-dad to get out of the car. My mom kept questioning why they had to get out of the car. I got my son out, and my step-dad saw my husband getting out of the car. They still didn’t catch on that the truck was a lie.

We started to walk up to the house, and stood underneath the tree in the front yard. My husband turns around and goes, “Well we have some news…” and my mom asked if we bought a house. They were all so excited and in shock. So we went inside and gave them a tour of the house and backyard. Gave the story of the journey to buying the house. I did a video call to my grandma and my sister to give them the news as well. It was an exciting day for all and it was such a blessing to get to celebrate and share the news with our family.

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We Bought A House

A couple months ago we started looking to buy a house. My husband had a friend from Bible Study who was a realtor and had talked to him about our interests and needs and asked if he could send us any houses that fit our price range. We weren’t in any hurry to buy a house, but we also didn’t want to renew another year on our lease.

For a while, we were sent houses, and none were any that peeked our interest to go look at. One day, however; while my husband was getting ready for work, I received an email with another list of houses. One in particular really caught our attention, I showed my husband the pictures and instantly, my husband got on the phone with the realtor to set up a time for us to go look. (Me actually, since I was the one to go look at it first while my husband was working.)

That day, I asked my mom to watch my son while I went to go run a quick errand. My mom is never one to really question why she needs to watch him, but of course, while trying to keep this a secret, she asked where I was going. I just told her that my husband needed me to go do something for him, as this isn’t something uncommon and it never gets questioned further. Luckily the house is about 10 minutes from my mom’s so it wasn’t going to be something that would take a long time.

I went to go look at the house and afterwards put in a hold (deposit? I’m not entirely sure the correct terms for the process) and then that evening, we put in a bid for the house. Now, we had always heard to put in a lower bid than what they’re asking to get a better price for the house. However, in this case, so many people had put in a bid for this house, we went a little over the asking price. That night my husband called and was saying how someone put in a higher bid than us, but the homeowners still chose our bid.

That started the whole process. Now, we filled out all the paperwork, gave our driver’s license, socials, income information, tax documents, etc. We had to take a first time home buyer’s course. But, our problems came in when it came to 2 vehicles under my husband’s name. 1 vehicle being my Mother in Law’s. It’s her car, she pays for it, but my husband is the primary name on it. We had to show proof that she was the one making the payments, but my husband is also on her bank account. So that was the first problem, mainly because she had no idea we were buying a house. Luckily, she had been having problems with the car after only owning it for less that a year. It was easy to convince her to just trade it in, but to get it only in her name. Done. Next, my husband had a van that he had purchased the year before that they wanted off his name. He wasn’t attached to it, and I was the primary driver of it, so we sold it to a dealership. Done. Now, the problem came in when we were getting close to the deadline of the house, and they were wanting the release of lien on the vehicles. Those had been requested already, but take about 2 weeks to come in, and we didn’t have 2 weeks to wait.

Finally, on the last day to submit everything for approval, they just asked for proof of all debt paid on the vehicles. (Which we had already done, but whatever lol) So I resent all the paperwork, my husband got on a 3 way call with the financer of the vehicles to confirm that all debt had been paid and that all payments were made on time. Done. We scheduled a day to sign. 2 Months after the homebuying process, we were done, signed, and the keys were ours.

Let me tell you, the relief after signing was the best feeling. I knew there was a lot to buying a house. But I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time, and at one point thinking that it just wasn’t going to work out and it wasn’t meant to be. Now, we’ve been in our new home for about a month now, already had our first payment come up. It is so nice knowing that the money we are spending on a home is actually going to something that will be ours. It has been such a tremendous blessing and I’m so excited to be in a place my son will get to grow up in without having to worry about being told to leave after a year.

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Little Life Update

Wow, wow, wow! I can’t believe the last time I was able to write on here was in July! And here we are in October. Fall is here! The year is starting to come to an end, and this year is still crazy!

The last time I came on here, I talked about keeping the secret of buying a house. And then I kind of vanished. I will have a whole post talking about sharing the news of buying a house with our family, but for now, I want to bring you up to speed. (If you’re even interested LOL)

Basically, the beginning of August we were finally able to sign on our house. It took longer than we expected and then our lease was up at the end of August. Again, packing and moving took a big longer than we thought and took about a week longer than anticipated to finally get everything out of our last place. I would say, we finally got settled, about 2 weeks ago.

With that, came some struggles. My son didn’t take to the move very well. I mean, he’s 3 so I’m not sure how much he understood about not being able to go back to our old house anymore. He was moodier than usual. Wasn’t sleeping very well. And with trying to unpack and adjusting, it was hard and tiring and painful. My lower back still hurts from moving. My son finally got used to the new house, went through a growth spurt, which was another struggle. Got him back to sleeping at night. And then last week. Something else happened. I’m not even quite sure to be able to explain it. I’m not sure if it’s another growth spurt, him being 3, or what. He’s not sleeping through the night AGAIN. He’s a bit snippy. Again, he’s a 3 year old that’s not getting much sleep. That combo doesn’t go well together. (Lord help me)

With all that, I haven’t found the time to sit and focus. My mind is in a fog from the lack of sleep. My body is exhausted. And my motivation is low for just about anything. But I’m trying to stay positive. If anyone has any pointers on dealing with a 3 year old, especially one that suddenly doesn’t want to sleep well at night, please, all advice is welcome. (Unless you’re not going to be nice. Positivity only please LOL)

Sorry for this jumble scatter of my thoughts in an update post, but that’s my mind right now. But I promise to share more on the house, holiday posts, gift ideas, etc. Let me know what you want to see on here. Take care and I hope everyone is having a great start of Fall!

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Sleep Baby, Sleep

Before We Get Started:

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Are you tired? Overwhelmed? To the point of not knowing what to do? If you look online, there are so many methods of getting your baby to sleep. All conflicting in what you should do. Let them cry it out? Don’t let them cry? Rock them. Don’t rock them. Don’t create dependency on falling asleep. It is all so conflicting that you don’t know which direction you should go.

I came across the Baby Sleep Miracle which has helped thousands of mom’s get their little one’s to sleep just when they thought there was no hope in getting the sleep they and they baby need.

Tip 1 to Get Your Baby to Sleep

The first tip in getting you baby on its way to sleeping through the night is to laugh together. Laughter is one of the best methods in relieving tension, a main reason your baby isn’t sleeping.

The world is a new and scary/exciting place for your baby and tension builds up during the day, and often times can lead to nightmares or just staying awake. Psychologist Dr. Laura Markham calls it the child’s “Emotional Backpack”. What better way to relieve these tensions is by laughter throughout the day.

Tip 2 to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Do NOT make the mistake of keeping them up late. Staying up later does not mean they will be tired and easier to get to sleep. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Because once your child is up longer than he should, his body gets flushed by stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Tip 3 to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Don’t be afraid to make noise. Many make the mistake of tip toeing around their baby, that often times, they will only sleep in complete quiet. Any extra noise will wake your baby. Instead, get your baby used to noise.

What You Can Discover in This Guide

  • What to do instead of nursing or rocking your baby/toddler to sleep.
  • The secret of “Refilling Your Child’s Love Tank” and keeping him off breakdown lane for good.
  • How to release built up anxiety.
  • The 7 Steps to get your baby to sleep – Even when everything else has failed.
  • The surprising trick to boost your child’s sleep hormone – Drug free and safe.
  • And much, much more!

Why the Baby Sleep Miracle is Different

The Baby Sleep Miracle is not a one size fits all method like some others out there. Instead, there are several groups due to developmental differences between age groups which influence your child’s sleep.

Getting Started

Right now, the Baby Sleep Miracle is offering more than 50% off to get a better nights sleep. For a limited time, you can get the entire Baby Sleep Miracle System for just $37. All you have to do is click the button below:

Not only that, they are adding in 3 free programs, free of charge if you act now.

Your 3 Free Bonuses:

Night Terror Stopper:

This torture can be completely avoided. Because nightmares are a sign of unresolved fear your child experienced

And in this free bonus you’ll find simple steps that clear your child’s fears and allow him to sleep undisturbed and peacefully

Night Terror Stopper would sell all day at $19 but when you get Baby Sleep Miracle now you’ll receive it completely free.

Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle

It’s entirely dedicated to the sleep of twins and siblings

The twin birth rate in the United States rose 76% from 1980 through 2009 and no one has really addressed the unique challenges which come from having to put two children to bed at the same time.

Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle will give you the answer you crave and provide you with simple tips and tricks you can use today.

Miracle Sounds

Start Sleeping NOW

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Where Have I Been?

The last post I made was done was actually towards the end of January. In it, I promised more activity and an update on what has been going on in my life. And I can admit, I failed on updating and posting.

But I’m happy to say I am back and have quite a bit of updates. I also have some future posts already in mind and am so excited to get to connect with everyone. That being said, on the homepage of my website is a way to put in your email where you will get a personalized message from me and be the first to know any future posts or announcements I have!

Some Info on my Husband

A little while back my husband was hit by another vehicle while he was parked which caused damage to his neck and back. He had a procedure done a couple weeks ago so I was busy helping him with his work and his recovery process.

Sick, Sick, Sick!

It seems like we can’t catch a break when it comes to getting sick. My husband has gotten sick, my son was throwing up, then my husband got sick again, which led to my son getting sick, which of course leads to me getting sick and alas, now my mother in law, who lives with us, is sick. Hopefully we are getting it out of our system before the last big update, my son’s birthday party!

Birthday Party Plans

I couldn’t believe when I was already planning my son’s birthday party and now we are in the birthday party month! I have been busy planning, and diying and just researching everything about his birthday party. This year it is dinosaur themed. Last year when he had his party, I already had planned that this year would be Toy Story. He was OBSESSED with Toy Story. Watched it every day, multiple times a day. Had his Toy Story toys and figures and just couldn’t get enough. However, he VERY quickly grew a love for dinosaurs and for the past year has been dinosaur this and dinosaur that. There is no shaking the dinosaur love and honestly I love how much he loves his dinosaurs.

I do admit that I am a bit sad that he doesn’t care so much for Toy Story anymore, I feel like Joshua wouldn’t be Joshua if he didn’t talk about dinosaurs on a 24/7 basis.

Well that’s it for my where I have been but again, I look forward to created more posts for y’all. I have a post going up shortly that will be all about what I have planned for my son’s birthday. I can’t wait to share! And don’t forget, on the homepage you can sign up with your email to be the first to hear any future posts, announcements and to connect with me personally! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Me, Myself and I

When it comes to starting a blog, I have found the hardest part is actually getting started.
What should you write about?
Who is your audience?
What interests other people?
I wasn’t sure how to get going. You can’t just jump into it, I mean you can, but it seems a bit like starting a book in the middle. So as a lot of people do, I’m going to be introducing myself with simple questions about me that I found from “The LDN diaries” website. So lets just jump right in!

What is your middle name?

My middle name is Lynn. I wasn’t named after anyone, but my older sister had the initials “MLG” so my mom wanted to keep it matching, so Lynn it is!

Share your favorite subject in high school.

I really enjoyed History and English. Both of those subjects came naturally to me and I ended up majoring in English in college.

What is your favorite drink?

I am a sucker for sodas, especially flavored ones. Cherry Vanilla Coke of Dr. Pepper would be my two favorites. My husband and I are really trying to cut back on them though so we have been buying those water enhancers, lemonade being the go to flavor for me.

What would you (or have you) name(d) your children?

I have one son named Joshua. If we had a girl we were going to name her Grace, Gracie as a nickname.

Have you participated in any sports?

I really enjoy Softball and Tennis but was always to shy to participate in any extracurricular activities. Looking back now I wish I had just gone out and played.

What is your favorite book?

Anything by Sarah Dessen. I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but she is my inspiration when it comes to writing.

What is your favorite color?

I am TERRIBLE when it comes to answering this question. I always say blue or green, so Aqua would be the easier answer. But I also really love the color red (except on cars, sorry to anyone who has a red car) and the color yellow (Again, not on cars, unless its a Volkswagen Beetle).

What is your favorite animal?

Elephants and Giraffes are the cutest and you can’t try and convince me otherwise.

What is your favorite perfume?

My husband bought me “Princess” by Vera Wang for Mother’s Day almost 2 years ago and I’m going on empty.

What is your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving, hands down. Give me all the good food!

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your childhood?

I would say I had a pretty good childhood, with some definite downsides later on, so I would give it an 8.

Have you ever been out of the country?

I used to want to go to Paris, but I’m afraid of flying so I don’t see that happening.

What is your favorite movie?

Easy, “A Walk to Remember”.

What are some of your favorite T.V. shows?

Well I currently really only watch children shows but I like “Friends” and “Law and Order SVU”.

What phone do you have?

I have an Android LG G6, but we are looking into getting new phones soon.

Do you have any pets?

I have one orange cat named Sammy. He thinks he’s a dog though and protects us. We actually rescued him after someone dropped him off at a gas station at a busy intersection. Coolest cat ever.

If you made it this far, I applaud you. Don’t forget to follow so you can keep up with the rest of my posts. Comment anything you might like to see on here! If you enjoyed these questions, answer them for yourself so I can get to know you too!