Why Me Time Is Important

When you become a mom, suddenly everything seems like it is all about your baby. You base you time and activities around the babies schedule and me time is now something that is hard, if even possible, to indulge in. However, there are many studies that have found that having time alone is very important not only for you but for your family.

Some might argue that this is impossible and your life is busy enough as it is so finding extra time just for yourself, isn’t something you are able to do. However, if you aren’t looking for extra time, you will never have it. You need to make time for yourself.

You Are More Than A Mom Label

Now that you are a mom, it seems like you life before having a child is now completely gone. However, before becoming a mom, you were a person with different relationships, you had dreams, you had goals, you had places you wanted to travel. You probably even had hobbies you loved doing. Just because you are a mom, that doesn’t mean you are no longer that person. Being a mom adds another label, another role, another relationship. It does not take away those things from before. It’s a benefit, not a negative.

You Matter

Taking time for yourself shows not only you, but your children that you matter. Not everything is and will be 100% about them. Sure, you do a lot for them, but you also need to do something for yourself. They look up to you and if they see that you find it important to take care of yourself, they too will learn that they matter and that their own well being is important. It is important that they learn that relationships don’t take away from the importance of their own self.

It’s Better For Everyone

We all know being a parent is stressful. With busy days, sleepless nights and the constant worry of your child’s health and happiness, it is all bound to get to you and affect your mood. Getting time for yourself will not only improve your mood, but those around you as well. How is this so? You will be more relaxed, which helps ease on the stress from every day life. Less stress leads to a happier mood. And we all know, if mom’s happy, everyone’s happy.

So be more than just a mom. Do something you enjoy doing. Continue your hobbies, take a bubble bath without interruptions. Take a break and spend some time focusing on yourself. Build up the relationships around you. Because your kids won’t be kids forever and one day they will move out. Have time with your husband doing more than just being labeled as parents. Continue getting to know your partner and keep your marriage alive and thriving beyond parenthood.

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Author: Mels Life

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