Little Life Update

Wow, wow, wow! I can’t believe the last time I was able to write on here was in July! And here we are in October. Fall is here! The year is starting to come to an end, and this year is still crazy!

The last time I came on here, I talked about keeping the secret of buying a house. And then I kind of vanished. I will have a whole post talking about sharing the news of buying a house with our family, but for now, I want to bring you up to speed. (If you’re even interested LOL)

Basically, the beginning of August we were finally able to sign on our house. It took longer than we expected and then our lease was up at the end of August. Again, packing and moving took a big longer than we thought and took about a week longer than anticipated to finally get everything out of our last place. I would say, we finally got settled, about 2 weeks ago.

With that, came some struggles. My son didn’t take to the move very well. I mean, he’s 3 so I’m not sure how much he understood about not being able to go back to our old house anymore. He was moodier than usual. Wasn’t sleeping very well. And with trying to unpack and adjusting, it was hard and tiring and painful. My lower back still hurts from moving. My son finally got used to the new house, went through a growth spurt, which was another struggle. Got him back to sleeping at night. And then last week. Something else happened. I’m not even quite sure to be able to explain it. I’m not sure if it’s another growth spurt, him being 3, or what. He’s not sleeping through the night AGAIN. He’s a bit snippy. Again, he’s a 3 year old that’s not getting much sleep. That combo doesn’t go well together. (Lord help me)

With all that, I haven’t found the time to sit and focus. My mind is in a fog from the lack of sleep. My body is exhausted. And my motivation is low for just about anything. But I’m trying to stay positive. If anyone has any pointers on dealing with a 3 year old, especially one that suddenly doesn’t want to sleep well at night, please, all advice is welcome. (Unless you’re not going to be nice. Positivity only please LOL)

Sorry for this jumble scatter of my thoughts in an update post, but that’s my mind right now. But I promise to share more on the house, holiday posts, gift ideas, etc. Let me know what you want to see on here. Take care and I hope everyone is having a great start of Fall!

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